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So, What Makes Us Truly Unique?

Are All Accountants The Same?
10 Reasons To Consider Using Us.

- Jason Nellyer, M.D, OnTax Accountants Ltd

We Get It! You Want Cheap
& "All Accountants Do The Same Thing".
Or So It Would Seem!

Is Price An Accurate Way To Measure Any Of These?

Attitude To You

Like any trade, some will treat you like a king, others will not bother about you.

Attitude To Work

Some are deeply pernickety about getting it right, some are much less so.


Knowledge levels vary dramatically, do they really know your sector?

Hidden Fees

Does their "cheap" fee cover everything?


Is "gold standard" service offered as well? Will they return calls for that fee?


Will they be there to help you and meet with you when you need them?


Are they experienced in your sector? How do you know?


Do they have provable testimonials? (Hint: We have 65+!)

Deadline Conscious

Plenty "cheap" accountants forget to file on time resulting in fines to you.