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The Awesome Team @ OnTax Accountants Ltd

Knowledge To Do The Task
Passion To Get it Right
Committment To See It Through

Some Of The Wonderful People Who Work Here

We’re delighted to present our team of accountants. We do everything possible to keep each other focused and motivated so that we can deliver the very best to you.

We believe in only recruiting the best to work for OnTax Accountants Ltd. When selecting potential employees we look for personal skills as well as professional skills, that is, we look for "real human beings" that you can relate to because it is important that you get along with and communicate freely with the individual managing your job.

Here's Who "Team OnTax" Are:

Mr Jason Nellyer, Founder of OnTax Accountants Ltd

Jason Nellyer
Managing Director

"Here at OnTax Accountants Ltd I make every effort to ensure that your tax affairs are dealt with on time and with the care and attention you deserve.

Our prices are fair, my staff friendly and knowledgeable and our testimonials legendary. I can help you, lets meet!"

My weakness?
Lots of it.

I believe nothing should be done without a smile
and the ability to laugh.

Hard day at the office? No problem, I get on my bike & cycle as fast as possible, It's a fantastic de-stress!

I'm obsessed with online technologies, PPC, SEO, WordPress & techy stuff. There are so many awesome things to learn I might need another 100 years of life to achieve it all!


Chloe Anderson
Assistant Accountant
Studying ACCA

"When you come to Ontax Accountants Ltd, I will oversee your job and ensure that everything is done on time and that you always know what, when, where and who!

I'm very organised, enjoy helping people and will ensure that your accounts & tax are correct and filed on time."

My passion is getting your accounts accurate & your tax bill as low a possible. I'm also very passionate about making sure you remain a delighted client.

My favourite quote? When you can't see the sunshine, be the sunshine!

I have a confession to make! If the whole world consisted only of dogs, my life would then be complete.

Nothing thrills me more than the thought of jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute!


Michael McHale
Studying CIMA

"You can count on my skills in turning piles of disorganised paperwork into orderly statutory accounts and tax returns.

Nobody likes taxes but everyone appreciates accuracy and dedication to the task. This is my strength, I own this area!

Whatever your book-keeping issue, I can help you make it better!

I'm a great believer in action, it shortens the distance between aspiration and reality!

I'm a Xero certified advisor. If you use Xero, I can make it run the way you need it too. Drop me a line and I will call you back.

I think of myself as an adrenaline junkie. Some people call me a speed demon. 4 cylinders, an accelerator and the open road, that's all I need.

My accuracy and attention to detail in book-keeping is legendary, I couldn't do your job to any less of a standard!.