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Our History

Background Of The Owner: Jason Nellyer

Starting working life as a window cleaner and ending up as an accountant and owner of an accounting practice is definitely not your everyday career progression!

Here is an incite into Jason's  journey leading to the forming of OnTax Accountants Ltd. From a motivational viewpoint, its proof that you truly can take big strides forward, all it takes is dedicated effort!

The Day That Changed It All

In Jasons 10th year of running a property maintenance business with 3000 clients in St.Andrews, a chance meeting over a beer with his Accountant was to change his life forever. During the conversation, his Accountant discerned that Jason had a huge aptitude for managing and organising a large business, was very experienced in understanding business concepts as well as having a real appreciation of the significance of the financial numbers. The Accountant, an ex-HMRC inspector, suggested that Jason seriously consider studying Accounting and taking this up as a new vocation as surely he didnt want to be running that business for the rest of his working life.

After deliberating for the rest of the evening, Jason took the massive step of signing up the very next day for an accounting course at his local college. It soon became evident that he did indeed have a talent for accountancy as merit passes were gained in his early accounting exams. Jason soon decided to sell up his property maintenance business and shortly afterwards went to train as an Accountant. Over time Jason rose through the ranks to become Company Accountant for one of the largest companies in the UK. However, dis-illusioned with corporate life and badly missing the magic of smaller businesses Jason decided it was time for a change.

The Leap From Industry To Practice

Leaving industry in 2002 Jason setup as an independant accountant. In the early days this business was literally run from the kitchen table, a real “grass roots” business! As word spread of Jasons personal approach to dealing with clients business grew and in 2002 the business moved to a dedicated home office in Appin Crescent, Dunfermline. Many years later the client base was re-incorporated under the current business name of Ontax Accountants Ltd.

In July 2014 the business relocated to the well known landmark of East End Park Football Stadium in Dunfermline where OnTax Accountants Ltd continues to trade from today. Having started off in life as a window cleaner in his fathers business to today being the Managing Director of an accounting practice with 4 staff has been a huge acheivement for Jason and one he is very proud of. If asked what his aims were for the future Jason would tell you it was to keep the clients delighted with his continued attention to detail whilst the business continues to grow.

Future Plans For OnTax Accountants Ltd

Ontax Accountants has come a very long way since its first client was obtained at a kitchen table! However, the core values of the owner remain and that is to provide excellent quality work for clients whilst remaining an approachable problem solver, after all there is nothing worse than an accountant that you feel is distancing themselves from you! Internally we continue to focus on developing “controls & processes” to ensure that we are undertaking all relevant tasks for you in time for deadlines to be met. You are warmly invited to come along for a chat with us and to see what we can do for you, we deal with businesses as small as “kitchen table” size right up to £5M turnover. We look forwarded to welcoming you soon!