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About OnTax Accountants Ltd

OnTax Accountants Ltd – A Quick Overview Of What We Do

Local businesses say that we are their right hand, always there to help and advise them. Here is a quick overview of our business and some of the ways in which we can help and assist you.

We Can Help You

Do you have messy paperwork, missed filing deadlines, excessive vat and tax bills? OnTax Accountants Ltd specialise in making this part of your business life easier for you and have been doing this since 2002.

These 5 key services we offer are:


We routinely take bin bag loads of paperwork and turn them into organised, neat accounts. It’s our speciality. When the paperwork overwhelms you, put it in a bin bag and bring it to us!


Reducing taxes, deferring payment of it or even structuring your business in such a way as to avoid it all together is what we do everyday. The savings are often much greater than the cost of our expertise, so why not pop along for a free chat to see if we can help?


Whether it is a profit and loss report of a set of statutory accounts for companies house, we can undertake the lot. If you need help understanding them we are only too happy to assist.


We process many payrolls for local businesses thus allowing them to focus on more value added activities. Call us today to see how we can assist you..


Over the year we have undertaken thousands of vat submissions, often resulting in staggering vat rebates for the client. If you wish your vat to be handled effectively with the least come back from the vat man give us a call today.

What Makes Us So Special To Clients?

OnTax Accountants Ltd is a highly resourceful and helpful small team (directed by Mr Jason Nellyer…link to staff page) dedicated to solving your daily accounts, tax and vat problems. It is who we are and why we come to work. We find genuine fulfilment in helping you with these matters, the best bit is getting a glowing testimonial from you at the end of the job!

Businesses come to us when they don’t know what is to be filed, when it is to be filed ,how to minimise the tax or how much to pay the
taxman and when to pay it. Our mission is to undertake this work, keeping you informed at each step in a transparent and understandable way so that everything is done on time costing you the least amount of money.

Our Office

Our workplace is where our professional knowledge, inspiration and personal flair create solutions to the never ending complex tax and vat nightmares of our client. Our solutions provide peace of mind and allow you to enjoy a good nights sleep free of worry and anxiety about taxes and vat whilst we smoothly manage all filings and deadlines.

Our Ethics

Our goal is to do honest work minimising the tax and vat you pay (after all why pay more than you should?) by finding exploratory ethical solutions whilst remaining within the bounds of the law.

Our Clients

Our clients range from one person home based businesses through to shops, factories, online businesses, contractors, TV personalities and limited companies with up to £5 million turnover. We also frequently contribute to online forums and online publications as an authority on specialist business areas and publish our own journals on tax and vat matters.

Clients come to us because they get the personal touch, they get to speak to the same individual every time, be it about tax, vat or payroll ensuring that there is full consistency in how they are being dealt with. Further, we are diligent in ensuring everything is done when it should be, accurately and always with the clients best interests at heart. This distinguishes us from other accountants in dunfermline. We might be a very small firm but we are the most helpful accountant in dunfermline you can find.

Our Staff

Our staff are our most important asset, to learn more about each member of staff please visit the meet the team page.

We Want To Meet you And Show You Who We Are

Please feel free to phone us and arrange a no obligation meeting, I would be happy to introduce you to our team, show you our office and also discuss in depth how we will manage your job with the utmost care and attention.

I look forward to seeing you soon

PHOTO – signature of Jason Nellyer