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I'm A Local Dunfermline Accountant With 30 Years Experience In Helping Businesses Succeed & Beat The Taxman. I Can Help You.

Jason Nellyer Founded OnTax Accountants in 2002.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

My name is Jason Nellyer, i'm the founder of OnTax Accountants Ltd. I have 30 years commercial & accounting experience working with businesses ranging from kitchen table startups to £6 million pound factories.

I part qualified with CIMA (Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants) and later attained "QBE" which means "Qualified By Experience" based on my time in industry as a company accountant.

In 2002 I setup as an accountant for local businesses, working literally from my kitchen table. The client base grew rapidly, mainly due to the personal service offered. Exciting times!

Having 200+ clients by 2014 it was time to relocate to a 3 room office at East End Park Football Stadium. A strange place for an accountants office! However, it works well, benefits from passing trade and you can park right outside the front door!.

Since 2014 I have taken on a team of qualified staff who specialise in small (and growing) businesses. My team are trained to the highest standards so that we can look after your needs in the most professional manner possible.

Feel free to drop in and meet myself and the team, we are always looking to help local businesses thrive and you are sure to feel peace of mind in whatever task we undertake for you. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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OnTax Dunfermline Accountants have over 200 local clients spanning home businesses, shops, tradesmen & factories with up to £6M turnover. Whether your sales are £5000 or £5 million we are sure to be able to help you.


Over 65 local clients have left us glowing testimonials. We take the work we do very seriously and are committed to your delight with the sincerity and attention we show to you as a client. Why not peruse the testimonials?


On hand we have 4 qualified accounting staff, all who relish challenges and are here to help you. Being experienced in their roles they will ensure that you get the very best service and the best possible tax savings.


With 22 years experience in accounting & tax along with a vast background of knowledge & experience ranging from small home businesses through to £6 million pound limited companies, we can give you the support you need.

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